Album Reviews
"Diamond Light"

I listen to your cd to go to sleep and love it.

"I bought your cd when we lived out in Oregon and we have since moved to Kansas. I listen to your cd to go to sleep and love it although I don't think I have heard all of the songs. Are you going to do another cd like this one? I would really like one if you do, so let me know so I can set aside money for it. Thanks again for making it. "

Song: Deepest Wish (Lullaby)

"Fantastic, haunting female vocals. The melody is melancholic and good, I like the strings and the voice in itself is fantastic. The arrangement is good, and so every instrument line. The modulation of the main melody is good. I like it!"

"Vocals are soothing. This could have market potential for tv/film. This song is original with the addition of the vocals and no lyrics. Very nice."

"Beautiful chord progression. VERY RELAXING!!!"

Song: She Is Everywhere

"It has a nice sphere. I like the emotion of it, because of the simplicity, the strings work as a drone, like in the music of Moby."

Song: Sky Song

"Wonderfully soothing material. Vocals are lush and engaging. The echo effects work well to add interest to the melody. The synth pads are smooth and act nicely to tie the song together. Very nicely done!

Relaxing like floating clouds.

Very airy and angelic."

Song: Sunstream

"Loved the harmonic structure and was really digging the 'voice as an instrument' idea. Also really liked the clear production and Angelo Badalamenti-style pads."

Song: Salutation

"Great underlying pad. Vocals were mesmerizing! Better than Enya! And I respect Enya as a musician. Very relaxing.

A very visual piece. Nice work! Don't change a thing."

Song: The End Is The Beginning

"Interesting draw, luring, peaceful. Nice Enya like sound, a bit darker.

Got undertones of Enya meets the Benedictine monks. Great sound."

Song: Diamond Light

"Very soothing. The arrangement is good. This could be soundtrack material.

I love your ENYA feel.. OK now you have captured my attention??? What is next?

I really enjoyed the instrumentation. The piece gave me a feeling of unearthly tranquility. The filter sweeps added well complemented the chord progression."

Song: For Dorothy

"The quality of voice is good. Very brave to leave everything so open. Would like to hear the same voice using lyrics.

Very pretty. Soothing voices. Nice melodic flow.

Very nice melody, good vocal pitching from both voices. Would work well on film or video.... had a very sad sombre quality.

This is vocally wonderful! Beautiful harmony and precise progressions make it a joy to hear. I wished it lasted longer. Well done.

Beautiful. i appreciate the minimalism."